Here at Mudcut Studios we have worked with the fine talents of GRAMMY AWARD WINNERS COREY GLOVER AND LIVING COLOUR, GRAMMY AWARD WINNING PRODUCER/BASSIST JOE FERRY, DENNIS DIKEN OF THE SMITHEREENS, MICKY DOLENZ OF THE MONKEES, Brian O'Halloran, STEEL GUITAR LEGEND JODY CARVER, FILMMAKER DAVID MADISON, Marc Von Em of the rob thomas band, PRODUCER/ENGINEER STEVE KOLAKOWSKY AND KILROY RECORDS, Scott Schiaffo, BROADWAY GUITAR GREAT CHRIS DELIS, RACHEL ALLYN, and PRODUCER WARREN HIBBERT just to name a few. we record high fidelity drum and percussion tracks for your songs through a top of the line Black Lion Audio Pro Tools rig through Avalon, Empirical Labs, Trident, DBX, and Universal Audio outboard gear and Heil, AKG, Shure, solomon, and audio-technica microphones. The recordings can be done with the client here or over the internet and are compatible with all recording systems and DAWs. A vast array of drum and percussion sounds are available through our professional collection. At Mudcut we also record and produce solo artists and full bands from pre-production to mixing to mastering.